Asus Zenfone 4 Max

Our favorite monster battery Zenfone and now it’s got two main camera, Asus just announced it’s new Zenfone line up including an update to it’s long lasting budget smartphone. It pretty much look like the Zenfone 3 zoom minus the rear m

ounted fingerprint sensor, I really like the metallic blue accents on the back it gives the phone a nice touch, the Zenfone 4 max also have a built-


in flash to illuminate your selfies at night, it’s fingerprint sensor is built into the home button.


The power button and volume button rocker are on the right and on the the SIM tray with slots for 2 nano sim cards and micro SD card , a lonely 3.5mm audio jack sits up top while down the micro USB port is flanked by speaker grille like last year Zenfone 3 zoom, the Zenfone 4 max has to name camera you’ll find that all phones in the Zenfone series have dual cameras.

Unlike previous budget Zenfone models the Zenfone max doesn’t look or feel cheap the backplate is actually made of metal and it has soft curves on both sides the phone is available in gold, pink and black.

Because of it’s bigger batteries there is a noticeable heft but I’ve never been a fan of phones that weigh next to nothing the capacitive back and menu buttons on either side are pretty standard, but give the phone a more dated look. The phone takes about 3 full hours to full charge but it will last you a solid two full days with average used.

The phones runs Android 7.1.1 nougat with Google assistant built-in, unfortunately GUI hasn’t changed much and still remains one of our mains favorite flavors of Android.