Buying Nokia 6 or Moto G5 Plus? in depth comparison


Should you buy a Nokia 6 or Moto G5 plus,we’re gonna do an in depth review between these incredible android smartphone,
to help you decide which one of these is a better for you.

A specification on a Nokia 6 includes a 5.5″ full HD panel this is 1920x1080p om the Nokia 6 and it looks fabulous on the rear we have
a 16 megapixel camera with a flash ot shoots in up to 1080p video recording, now the Nokia 6 is going to give you a 3 gb of ram and a snapdragon
430. You can get 4 gb of ram on the nokia depending on which model you go with which market you’re in and you do get 3000 Mah battery here on the Nokia 6.

For the Moto G5 plus you do get a 5.2″ panel so it’s slightly smaller than the Nokia 6 screen a little smaller than other plus size phones out there in the market.
It is 1920x 1080pmpamel, on the rear has a 12 megapixel camera and 2160p 4K video recording, so it does have 4k recording over the Nokia 6 model, has 2 GB of ram in this
moto g5 plus but you can get this all the way up to 4gb of ram and all moto g5 plus comes with a Snapdragon 625 CPU which is definitely more powerful than the 430 of Nokia 6.
3000 mAh battery in the Moto G5 plus this is non removable.

Nokia 6 weigh right around 169 grams or that is about 5.96 ounces it’s about 6 oz on the phone, you have a pretty solid lead light phone
the body is about 7.9 mm stick so by comparison the iPhone 6 this is about a millimeter thicker than. On the left we do have our SIM card tray, on the front you do have this
little kind of skinny home button and you do have the multitasking switch as well as the back key, overall this built in body
of this phone is quite premium and it feels easily like $500-600 smartphone I’m going to say close this feels of like a one plus, fell like you get that value you get that
premium feel for a low price points.