Can We Still Be Friends (2017)


Can We Still Be Friends? a 2017 romantic comedy movie starring Arci Munoz and Gerald Anderson, produced by Star Cinema, hits theater June 14 nationwide. Can We Still be Friends? also starring Bryan Santos, Ria Atayde, Brian Sy, Gege Severo, Erika Padilla, Markkie Stroem and Emmanuel Vera.

CAN WE STILL BE FRIENDS © youtube/starcinema

Digs (Gerald) and Sam (Arci) who friends turned lovers then turned exes. After separated for an 8 year relationship, they will face the dating world separately. Will they will come back to each other?

CAN WE STILL BE FRIENDS (2017) – Gerald & Arci

Top Comments:


Kylie Munsod
what makes the trailer better that theres no typical annoying narrator telling the plot, synopsis and the cast.

Tood Jason
pls keep the trailer this way, not too revealing sa plot, and tjis looks good btw. hopefully better that other films star cinemas produced

The way the trailer was made is freaking refreshing, sana nga maganda talaga nag movie itself. Lets watch this

Bromen Lester
parang may indie film touch, its a new nreed of film makers….

XM Leroy
Trailers lools good, hollywood feels.

Real Mag
Tara my Ex, nuod tau nito, asusual ako pa din magbabayad. hahaha

Madz Deo
So exciting, ganda ng chemistry nilanat their first movie, hope yjey will clicked.

Yoo Pee
ttailer wise good, maramong kang tanong so kailangan mo talagang panuorin para malaman ang sagot

Cris Bella
another promising movie from underrated artist…looking forward to this. hoping mapalabas dito sa uae dubai

Sophi Llarson
Gerald so handsome mo today