HTC U11 Smartphones: Specs and Features

The company had us confused as of whether the HTC U ultra was deemed the ultimate successor to the HTC 10, we’re taking you first look at the first HTC U11 . The true successor to the HTC 10 while the number 11 tells behind the M8, M9 and the HTC 10, the U signifies the debut of HTC’s new design language into it’s flagship offering.

HTC U11 © youtube

Like many phones the HTC U11 is made of 3 main components the front glass , the back glass and the metal frame. HTC has been away with the metal unibody design. Reduced it down to a chassy in order to keep the ergonomics feel similar the backing of the phone is made of curved Gorilla glass 5, which fits precisely with the metal frame.

HTC had been playing with tolerances to really reduce the seems to the point that you can barely feel when you run your finger over them. The curved back glass is progressively formed into it’s curved shape, this is what gives HTC it’s new liquid design. It’s color option is coated with tints that compliment the color when light is introduced this results in a look that a conservative yet bold.

In the imaging department the HTC has benn working hard to develop a great camera experience while the main camera resolution says the same at 12 megapixel, the aperture has been bumped to an f-stop of 1.7 this combined with the optical image stabilization should make great low light camera shot the front consists of a 16 megapixel sensor, other specs includes a 5.5 inch UHD super LVD 5 screen, snapdragon 835 chipset 4or 6 gigabytes of ram depending on the market and some boomed sound speakers that really boom.

HTC has been away with headphone jack now for good but it is not totally unjustified in addition to the water resistance HTC has really taken advantage of USB C and has added the benefits of active noise cancellation.