Last Night (2017) Toni, Piolo

LAST NIGHT: STAR CINEMA (Running Time: 1h 53min)

Last Night a 2017 Filipino movie, starring Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga, will hit theaters September 27, directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal, written by Bela Padilla, produced by Star Cinema. Trailers in YouTube and Facebook nows hit million of views and still counting. It’s a story between two strangers who will spend their ‘last night’ together.

This is a reunion movie of Toni and Piolo after pairing in the 2014 blockbuster film ‘Starting Over Again’ which gained positive reviews and feedback for moviegoers.
Last Night is graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB), and rated R-13 by Movie and Television Review and Classification Board ( MTRCB).

LAST NIGHT (2017) – Toni and Piolo

Top Comments:


Emma Padlan
This movies is intriguing, the trailer doesn’t give too much spoiler. Unpredictable at talagang mapapaisip ka kung ano talaga ang plot.

Marie Spencer
Very good movie, on my own analysis, a story of two person meet each other and help each other after unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Shane Lynch
Wow!!! I thought it was like an American indie movie for festivals. Level up na mga movies natin, please this movie.

Larry T.
I hope it’s not the trailer’s quality that’s good

Rico Martin
Excited for this movie, nakakatawa yong naka hang siya sa ilalim ng bridge magpapakamatay daw hingi hingi ng help

Patty Llarson

Waited for this movie, thought it was a part 2 of Starting Over Again, surely it will be successful and blockbuster.

Lara Croft PH
Assisting each other’s suicide attempt, endinh up in a special relationship. Im just curious to how the story will ends.

Ester Egore
Hope this sparks relevant discussion ’bout suicide problems.

Jerry Bais
Parang different times sila, or patay nanyong character ni toni, tapos she will then imagine piolo, i don’t know, a bit complicated.

Chris Pile

Eto yung magandang panoorin sa cinema, yung trailer pa lang bibitinin ka na.

Louise Castro
Feeling ko nagkakilala sila….tas pareho silang depressed at gustong mag suicide, tapos na inlove sila sa isa’t isa.

Joyce Ng
Parang ang ganda nito di masyadonh predictable ang kung anu ang meron sa movie, you have to watch it talaga.

Betty Pixers
the quality of movie and this trailer is beautiful great duo, i love them in starting over again

Luis Marco Jr
Maganda technically pero I doubt this will top Kita Kita.

Gosh Meh
Sana hindi to katulad ng foreign movie na mauulit ulit lang ang scene dahil kailangan may itama.

Jesse Lee

Will always be a fan of Piolo and Toni tandem in big screen. Iba talaga chemistry nilang dalawa sa movie.

Letty Fitzgerald
Sana maipalabas dito yan sa Europe.