Sony Xperia XZ1, camera features, hands on review

SONY XPERIA XZ1 © youtube

A successor to the Sony’s XZ with the camera better than the XEs, this is Sony Xperia XZ1. Features Sony’s well known square design but with improved materials the body and side are now cut from a single piece of metal, making the XZ1 feel more resistant against twisting and bending it’s also IP 68 certified just wish the bezels were a little bit smaller.

There’s a headphone jack and a USBC 3.14 some versions also have a hybrid card slot that allows for two Sim cards or extra storage, but our only has expandable storage, tje 5.2″ screen is a bright IPS Lcd with good sunlight legibility and quickly responds to changes in lighting. It allows for HDR viewing for both Amazon video and Netflix, although it’s not 4K like the Xperia XZ premium.

The Xperia XZ1 has a 2700 mAh battery, which is a little bit smaller than the through sexy but we’re expecting similar battery life with the optimized software and the new chipsets efficiency the XZ1 has a stereo set-up and the two speakers should sound a little bit more balanced. It’s supposed to be 50% louder than the Xperia XZ, the XZ1 also boast powerful specs namely snapdragon A35 and 4 Gigs of ram so we’re expecting it to rock the benchmark test.

The phone features a Android 8 aka Android Oreo with Sony’s overlay, theres no bloatware and whatever apps you dislike are easy to delete. One of the Sony’s most interesting inclusions is a 3D creator with which you can scan objects or people this creates a 3D version of them which you can spin around or use as a live wallpaper or even print out on a 3D printer.

The camera is one of the phones most notable feature burst with 19 megapixel camera is quite like the one on the Xperia XEs with super slow motion capabilities. But with the few upgraded it now has an autofocus first and it continues to focus on your subjects while you keep the shutter pressed for burst.

The Xperia Xz1 has 4k video and of course it has it’s extremely slow motion at 960 frames per second at 720p. The selfie camera has a 22 MM wide angle lens and allows for 4K shots