Vivo V7 Plus: A borderless smartphone

2017 is the year of the borderless smartphone all the best phones from all the major brands have edge to edge displays, but you know what bezel displays are no longer just a high end feature example is Vivo V7 Plus.

VIVO V7 PLUS ©youtube

Notice instead of perfect selfie , it now says clearer selfie because nobody’s perfect. It’s also interesting to note the V7 plus is the official smartphone of World Cup 2018. You wont anything special until you boot up the phone. The V7 standout feature is it’s near borderless display the first on a Vivo phone, its borderless display gives it a distinct and much updated look while it’s predecessors had 5.5″ displays, the V7 plus squeezes in a larger 6″ display, it changes the way you feel about the phone brands.

Borderless display differently on the V7 plus there’s a space up top for the selfie camera and a small chin down below, while Vivo claims it’s figured out how to embed a fingerprint sensor underneath the display this phone doesn’t that tech just yet.

Instead the fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back of the phone it’s a nice convenient spot just above the Vivo logo and reachable even by short finger. Volume rocker and home buttons are on the right hand side of the device and on the left a dual nano sim card and micro sd card tray.

You might recall the v5 plus did not have provisions for expandable storage and I know how important this feature is for vivos user base so we’re pretty glad to see it make a comeback, on the bottom of the phone there’s a headphone jack microphone, micro USB port and speaker grills.

Like any other Vivo smartphone the fingerprint sensor is superbly fast just a quick tap it unlocks the phone, apart from the Vivo is also introducing is take on facial recognition, to set it up go into settings fingerprint face and password and the face, once set up press the power button to initiate the scan.

In ideal scenario unlock times are quick also but it’s not as reliable as as the fingerprint sensor also there’s no way to improve scan by creating new models under different lighting conditons…..