Streaming Movies | TV series | iflix or netflix?

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Which is better iFlix or Netflix? by watching movies and TV series online, and by downloading offline. iFlix started to fill the gap that NetFlix actually left in the Malaysian and Southeast Asian market, looking at the iFlix

content you can find most of them are in Malay, Chinese, Filipino and Korean and there’s also. Western content from the United States and UK but it’s not as much as the Southeast Asian content that is on iFlix also another where I place is the fact that you cannot actually get recent movies as some of the library’s kind of outdated and documentaries wise are not that much.


There’s also dedicated kids section but it’s not that big actually, with you’re iFlick subscription it supports up to 5 devices per membership, and something I really realy love is the fact you can actually download for offline viewing across the devices. There’s also a video resumption so when you’re watching on one device you can resume your video from another device.

NetFlix picks out in huge library from movies to documentaries to kids section to series it’s huge collection. Netflix has 3 subcription plans basic, standard and premium and the main differences between the three subscription plans is the amout of devices you can use it on, the stream quality that you are getting and when it comes to mobile devices, Netflix supported so many devices from games consoles to televisions to mobile devices.

If you take a look between iFlix and Netflix side by side, the major difference is one of the is the content that pictures a huge library that has many TV series and movies but the catch is that there is no Asians specific content in Netflix compare to iFlix.

The next major thing is the price for iFlix is much cheaper that Netflix, when it came stream quality I have no problems with both services.


Top Comments:

Finally someone covered this. Thank you so much!!

Basile Phan
great, i’d settle for iflix if given the chance, netflix can go chill somewhere elseee

Levi Castro
I’m a fan of Netflix because of their original contents, iflix can beat them in price

Mr. Yael Kho
at least Netflix got some competion in Asia, Netflix is way better in the USA

Netflix in High HD quality
iFlix in low SD, but prices reflect to that

Netflix all the way long live lol!!!

Manny Piquid
iFlix is way better in the Philippines because of the Filipino contents, in Netflix you can’t find any

Susane T.
in Malaysia iflix beats netflix

Raja Matt
Hating Netflix for country lock, can’t use VPN, the subscription in Canada are updated compare to Asia

Ales Reido
Here in Thailand I think Netflix is not good, iFlix is way better and very cheaper

Lu Picki
i like iflix because some movies supports Indonesian subtitles its good in indo household, Netflix does not